COVID Related FAQs - Updated Aug. 4, 2020

Like many of us, we didn't plan on the COVID crisis that we have endured.  Over the last few months we have received inquires about the show and our response to C-19. To help address these concerns, below is our COVID-19 FAQ’s: 

With COVID-19, will the show go on? 

We have received several inquiries about the show amid the COVID-19 crisis.  We have been in touch with the hotel and have been following press briefings nationally as well as from the State of Nevada regarding the pandemic. At this time, we have no plans or intentions on cancelling the 2020 National which is still set for October 3 and 4. The show must go on and we hope to see everyone in Reno.  

I’m really worried about the National.  Hot August Nights and the Reno Air Races are cancelled.  Are you going to cancel? 

No, we are not. While the National has been a successful and ongoing show since 1985, comparing our event to these two signature events are comparing apples to oranges.  The National draws a lot of folks but nowhere near the 70,000 for the Reno Air Races or the 800,000 for Hot August Nights.  Keeping that in mind, we have coordinated with the Nugget and will continue to work with the Nugget, City of Sparks, and State of Nevada to ensure regulations are met to have the show carry on. 

What about the COVID numbers in Reno?  Isn't Nevada a "hot spot?" 

Northern Nevada is not experiencing the same struggles with the Coronavirus as Las Vegas.  Be cautious in doing a google search for Reno Covid numbers as many of these results say Reno but actually include the entire state of Nevada.  You can see the numbers that are Reno specific by following this link to the Washoe County Health Dept.  

What about flying?  

Flights are still going on at this time with social distancing in mind in some airlines where people are spaced out like a checkerboard, and are being kept apart.  Additionally, some airlines have been cautious about over booking these limited capacity flights to adhere to proper CDC guidelines.  However, not all airlines are continuing this practice.  Check in with the airline you are choosing to find out what their practices are regarding social distancing on the planes and capacity.

What if I book for the airlines and then have to cancel?  Will I get a refund?  

Because this is still a fluid situation with the virus and changing dynamics, we encourage you to visit the website of whatever airline you will be using and search for their specific COVID or cancellation policy.  Some are doing refunds while others are just doing a flight credit for later.  From the website, Airfarewatchdog, is the article from March when COVID first struck.

So, what about the hotel?  What can I do with the hotel in regards to booking and cancelling?

Pursuant to the Nugget Casino Resort, the cancellation policy is as follows:  If you cancel 24 hours prior to arrival, there will be no penalty and your deposit will be refunded.

What policies does the Nugget have in place right now?  How does this impact the show?

It is too early to determine how the show will be impacted as we are still a few months away.  From February to April and then April to July we saw a lot of changes with the pandemic and the response.  Nevada is set to move to Phase 3 in August, which will change from today's current situation. It’s simply too early to tell what could happen for October, but again, as of now we are still set for October.  In speaking with the Nugget, because of our event being a “smaller” event, using current guidelines, we just have to maintain social distancing at this time.  While things can change by October, but we will keep you updated. If you want to see the current guidelines, this is what is available:

Keep in mind with the guidelines they are fluid and subject to change before the show.  Do not "hang your hat" on these guidelines for October. 

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