COVID Related FAQs - Updated Aug. 12, 2020

Like many of us, we didn't plan on the COVID crisis that we have endured when we first proposed hosting the 2020 National during the 2018 National in Massachusetts.  We have monitored the data from the Health Department, listened and followed press briefings from the state of Nevada, consulted with representatives from the Nugget, and heard feedback from multiple table holders.  Unfortunately with the restrictions in place, we were forced to postpone the show until June 2021.  To help address these concerns, below is our COVID-19 FAQ’s: 

Why did you postpone? 

The State of Nevada has not relaxed restrictions as of August 11, 2020.  At this time only 50 people would be allowed in the room regardless of the room size.  This would not even allow all of our table holders to enter, let alone assistants or walk ins. With this being an Executive Order, it is being enforced by the state.  Learning the restrictions were not going to be lifted by show time, our only option was to find alternate dates and postpone the show. 

Why not cancel instead?

The Reno show was voted on in 2018 and contracts were signed in 2019 for both the venue and the setup / table rentals company. We modeled after many local shows that postponed as well. While the Covid Crisis and government response has been foreseen, the pandemic does NOT release us from the contractual obligations as originally understood.  We cannot afford to cancel the event. 

Why is the show in in June instead of October?

When we had to postpone, the dates in October 2021 were not available.  Many of the events cancelled in 2020 were already re-scheduled for 2021.  Reno is a city that has a lot of events throughout the summer, so we worked back from October to June, which was the next available alternative dates. We also tried to work around dates of other local collectors shows to avoid a conflict in dates.  For those coming in early, the show rates are $44 a night (plus taxes & resort fees) for Thursday and Sunday night.  Friday and Saturday are $85 a night (plus taxes & resort fees).  We found these rates to be a huge savings for table holders and show-goers alike. With the postponement being early summer, the weather will be nice and travel will not be an issue.

What if I can't attend in June?  

While the events that have taken place in 2020 have been out of our control and were never foreseen after two years of planning, we acknowledge that some table holders may not be able to attend in June.  Therefore, we are amending our cancellation policy as outlined in the show rules.  As hosts we will provide a 100% refund to table holders who cancel by 12:01 AM (PST) on December 1, 2020.  Afterwards, cancellations shall be treated just like past Nationals in which table holders are responsible for filling vacancies. 

So, what about the hotel?  What can I do with the hotel in regards to booking and cancelling?

The Nugget has been able to roll the reserved rooms over to the new dates.  Therefore, for example, if you were originally arriving on a Wednesday and leaving Sunday in October for the show, the hotel will move the reservation automatically to Wednesday through Sunday in June for the show.  The Nugget is able to modify your dates further if needed. Pursuant to the Nugget Casino Resort, the cancellation policy is as follows:  If you cancel 24 hours prior to arrival, there will be no penalty and your deposit will be refunded.