Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to help address questions and help people make the right and informed decision in coming to the 2020 National Police Collectors Show.  Below are some questions that we have received and have answered.  If you have a question, send us an email or message us on Facebook.  We will get back with you as quick as we can. 

With COVID-19, will the show go on? 

Our goal was to host the show in October as planned and intended.  However, the state of Nevada would not allow the show to go as planned.  With contracts in place, the show had to be postponed until June 2021. We still look forward to having a successful show in June and look forward to seeing everyone at the Nugget. For FAQ's specific to the postponement, please refer to our C-19 FAQ page

How do I book a hotel room at the Nugget?

There are 2 ways to book on the discounted group rate. 
One is via telephone (toll free) at 1-800-648-1177.

You will have to give them the booking code, which is: GNPCS20
You can also book via online by clicking here 

What’s the deal with resort fees? I heard they are going to raise resort fees in 2020.  Does this apply to us?

Resort fees is a practice by the hotels in Reno as well as Las Vegas.  While resort fees are anticipated to rise in 2020, we are not affected by this.  We have an existing contract with the Nugget where resort fees will not increase for show-goers and table-holders alike.  The resort fee for the Nugget will be $23 a night. 

What are the sizes of the tables?

Like most Nationals, we will have tables that are 8 feet in length.  These tables are 2 feet in width.

How much does it cost to rent a table for the show?  

Tables are $80, unless paying online.  If paying with PayPal, there is an online fee for PayPal, making the total cost $84.


Do I need to purchase a table to attend the show?

No, the show will be open to all non-table holders for Saturday and Sunday.  There is a $5 (cash) daily admission fee, but after paying the fee you are free to roam and explore all 252 tables of displaying, selling, and trading.


How can I reserve a table?  

Tables are “first come, first serve.”  You can reserve a table by filling out the form on our table page.   

Will you have power available for Table Holders?  What about Wi-Fi?

Power will be available at no cost in select locations throughout the room.  Most outlets will be on one of the pillars throughout the room. While you cannot hang or post anything on the pillars at all, you can plug your smaller electronics (i.e. laptops, cell phones, etc.) into the outlet.  These are just standard outlets.  Safety protocols are in place so you can’t “daisy chain” power cords or extension cords across the venue.

I’m registering for a table, but I need Wi-Fi in the venue.  How can I get Wi-Fi? 

Our venue, the Nugget Casino Resort, provides free Wi-Fi throughout the Sierra Rooms that we will be using.  You should be able to find their Wi-Fi network with your device and connect to it while in the Sierra Rooms, just like you would in your hotel room.

How can I cancel my table reservation?

After going through 2020, we understand all too well that plans can change, especially beyond our control. Yet, we do have commitments in making this show successful on our end.  Therefore we will honor 100% refunds for cancellations up until December 1, 2020.  As of December 1, 2020, if you have to cancel, then you have to sell your table to someone else and we cannot honor refunds after this date.


I want to be next to a certain table holder.  Can you make it happen?

We will always try our best to accommodate requests of the table holders in regards to their table locations and other special requests which are reasonable in nature.  So far, we have been able to meet the majority of these requests, but as our availability decreases, it is becoming more of a challenge to meet all accommodations with less option options.

What will the weather be like for the show?  Do I have to worry about snow or adverse travel conditions? 

The historic average temperatures for Reno in the 2nd week of June has lows around 50-51 and high temps of 80.  The roads should be clear and no snow was present.  State roads in California and Nevada both take care of I-80 for those traveling via car though should any incliment weather hit. 


I've never been to a collectors show.  How does this work?

Table holders vary as some are only showcasing their collections while others are interested in selling and some in trading.  Feel free to ask table holders if they are willing to trade, sell, or if they are only displaying.  There is a small entry fee to help cover costs of operating this event with an entry fee of $5 a person daily.  Table holders do reserve the right not to sell or trade at their discretion. 

How does one determine the value of a patch or badge?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Some items may be more valuable due to their rarity.  This also goes back to the concept of supply and demand.  If the item is "one of a kind" then it may be considered more valuable to collectors.

What if someone doesn’t want to trade with me or sell something to me?

If the table holder does not want to sell or trade, be respectful and keep looking.  With 252 tables at the show, you have options.  Don't give up and keep looking.

What is the difference between a reproduction and a fake badge / patch?

Reproductions can be authorized or unauthorized.  Sometimes a department will have one of their vintage patches re-made for officers currently as a commemorative item, although the original patch may only be under glass in someone’s collection.  Unauthorized reproductions are often frowned upon in the hobby as they were not legitimate or recognized by the agency. A fake or fantasy item is something not authorized by the department or may be from a unit that doesn’t exist or an agency that doesn’t exist.  Regardless even if it’s a “cool” insignia at the end of the day it’s an item never worn, used, ordered, or authorized by the agency.

How can I tell a fake badge from the real one?

Most authentic badges will have a hallmark on the back of the badge; same thing with some patches, which may have a sticker on the back.  There are some distinct differences between a fake and the real insignia.  Although for novice collectors, do be cautious in quickly assuming one item as a fake without conferring from other collectors as you may be looking at an authorized insignia ordered from a different vendor.  It is possible that the authentic badge does not have a hallmark.  People are human and mistakes do happen.

What is the legality to own or possess police insignia?

Laws do vary from state to state.  There are some laws and ordinances which are very strict in possessing police memorabilia which is insignia.  There are several laws in California regarding possession of the current badge from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and the Los Angeles Police Department is restricted to current or honorably retired members of these organizations.   Federal badges are also restricted to their respective federal agents.  In Nevada, you may possess these items as long as you do not place them onto clothing or represent yourself as an officer.

I’m handicapped.  Can I make it to the show?

Yes, we have ADA and accessible rooms available in the hotel.  From the hotel rooms, you can take the elevator down to the 2nd floor where the collector’s show is taking place in the Sierra Rooms, conveniently located near the elevators.  The show itself will have aisles approved by the Fire Marshal allowing proper ingress and egress.  The Nugget also has free wheelchair rental available through the hotel.  However, the wheelchairs are not powered. The Nugget also has powered scooters available for rent, which there is a fee for the scooter rental.

Will there be food inside the venue?

We will not have a food provider within the Sierra Rooms where the show itself is taking place.  However, there are multiple restaurant selections still within the Nugget on the 1st floor below the convention area.  Go to to see more about the dining options on the Nugget’s property. Outside of the Nugget there is an In-N-Out Burger close by and other dining options around.

What is parking like?  Can I park an RV there?

Free complimentary parking is available including valet parking. There is room for RV parking at the Nugget as well for those who seek the cross country adventure or wish to do some camping before or after the show.  Parking at the Nugget is reserved for guests and show visitors.  So if you want to do some urban camping there is a KOA on the West side of Reno, but you can’t camp out in the casino’s parking lot.  We wish safe and happy trails to all our travelers.

I’m visiting from abroad.  Where can I exchange currency?

We welcome our colleagues from outside the United States and hope you will enjoy Reno.  You can exchange currency at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.  There is also currency exchange available from Travelex Currency Services Inc, operated out of the Bank of America located at 300 S. Virginia Street in Reno.

When can the Nugget start accepting packages and how long can they hold onto them?

There is a UPS store on site.  Please refer to our Host Hotel webpage regarding the fees associated with doing so.  The Business Center will welcome and hold your meeting and convention materials no more than one (1) week prior to the start of the meeting, convention and or event. 
Shipping and Receiving: Please address all materials as follows:
SPARKS, NV  89431    
c/o 2020 National Police Collectors Show 

Will the UPS Store be open during and at the end of the show?  

The UPS store on site is generally not open on Sundays, but the store management will be open on Sunday to assist with those needing to ship items.  

I asked a question a day ago and 24 hours later I haven’t heard from you.  Why?

We do our best to respond quickly to table requests, as well as questions, comments, and concerns from our fellow hobbyists.  Two of the hosts (Ryan and Damir) are full time sergeants in their smaller sized agencies.  Trust me when I say, “it’s not always a promotion; some days it’s a punishment.”  Dennis doesn’t do as much online, but we all try to get back as quickly as possible to inquiries and requests.  Our goal as hosts is to have an affordable show with open communication.

I’m not a police collector, but a fire collector?  Is this show for me?

Absolutely!  All of our first responder colleagues are welcome from Fire and EMS.  You never know what you will find with the diversity of collectors that will be at the show.  While many collect law enforcement related items, there are paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, Search and Rescue, and others who will be in attendance.  And for our fire friends, don’t worry the police guys will make sure the show scene is safe first (kidding).

What is there for my kids/family to do while I'm at the show?

Within the Nugget there is a large swimming pool, fitness center, and arcades.  Outside of the casino/resort but within close distance are several entertainment options.  Check out our Entertainment page for some local favorites.  

Most shows donate proceeds to a non-profit.  Who is the non-profit recipient for Reno? 

Great question!  The work and efforts of the co-hosts is all volunteer efforts.  We are not certain if there will be any sort of profit for the show as we have to pay for the show hall, table/chair rental and setup, security, hospitality suite, awards, advertising, and much more.  However, should any revenue exist, yes, we will be making a donation to a non-profit organization.  If we do not have a deficit, we will be announcing during the awards ceremony who are non-profit organization will be.