Local Links & Supporters

International Police Association (IPA)
The International Police Association has come forward to help us with the show.  The International Police Association mission is "to create and strengthen bonds of friendship between members of the police service, promote international cooperation in social, cultural and professional fields, encourage peaceful co-existence between peoples and preservation of world peace, improve the public image of the police service and enhance recognition of the IPA by international bodies."  

Fraternal Order of Police Treasure Valley Lodge 11
The Treasure Valley FOP Lodge is the largest lodge in Idaho with over 600 members and growing! We are honored by the sponsorship from FOP TV Lodge 11 to encourage the social, charitable, and educational actives among law enforcement officers and the community such as our show.

Police Collector News 
The only printed newspaper devoted exclusively to the hobby since 1982 with over 5,000 subscribers world wide.